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Hi-Performance Mortar Staining

Quality/Economy: colors can turn ordinary mortar into exciting options. With an endless color selection, your imagination can really take off.. Mortar colors enhance the beauty of brick, block and stone just to name a few.

will provide a long lasting, natural mortar finish. BST Mortar Choice contains iron oxide, reclaimed metal and naturally occurring ores plus conditioners and BST'S own Hi-Performance binders. Every batch is produced under rigid QUALITY control for uniform color. Mortar Choice colors are sun - fast, lime proof, weather resistant and environmentally SAFE.


Mortar color consistency problems like the picture above are common in today’s world whether you are repairing a wall or the project is new construction. The good news, BST has the solution, BST Mortar Choice.

Staining the mortar, also known as tinting gives you that consistent color range every architect and mason strives for. In past years, the only available option was grinding the discolored, affected areas out of the wall and repointing the problem areas with the desired corrected mortar color. Time and time again this created more issues, messy mortar joints, and damaged brick, block, and or tile. There were times when the mortar color still didn't match perfectly.

Now Architects, Homeowners, Project Managers, Contractors, Brick Manufactures & Property Managers do not have to accept mismatched mortar in additions, new construction, or repairs! Brick Staining Technology Incorporated has the solution for everyone. We are just a phone call away and would love to hear from you.


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