Brick Staining Technology, Inc. is a full-service premier Brick Stain and masonry color correction company proudly serving customers nationwide.  

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Corporate Contacts & Company Information

Robert D Bush / President-CEO                Rob McGuire / VP Operations
717-266-4444                                         717-266-9596                      

Administrative / Acounting
Christie A Bush
Phone:717-266-4444    Toll Free: 877-827-4257

Corperate Pennsylvania toll free, 877-827-4257 
Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Mississippi & surrounding areas
Chicago, Illinois, Michigan & surrounding areas
Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Florida & surrounding areas 
San Francisco, California, Navada & surrounding areas 
Atlanta, Savannah, Georgia, Alabama & surrounding areas 
Alexandrea, Fredericksburg, Virginia, Washington D.C & surrounding areas 
Southern Pines, Raleigh, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina & surrounding areas 
New York, New York, Newark, New Jersey, Boston Massachusetts
& surrounding areas 
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Baltimore, Maryland, Dover, Delaware
& surrounding areas 
Arlington, Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & surrounding areas 

Our services are available Coast to Coast!

All Brick Staining Technology, Inc. crews are highly skilled, insured employees of the company. One of the hallmarks of BST is meticulous attention to detail resulting in amazing completed projects.  Brick Staining Technology, Inc. is a fully insured contractor that has earned the trust of Architects, Contractors, Manufacturers and Distributors nationwide.  We have the resources, equipment, qualifications and experience necessary to meet all your Residential, Industrial and Commercial staining & coatings needs.  We are a highly motivated group and looking forward to working with you on your upcoming projects.  You can expect the highest customer service and truly professional results when choosing BST Nationwide.  Call for your free estimate today.

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