Brick Staining Technology, Inc.

Masonry Staining Services

  • Brick & Block Color Corrections
  • Mortar Staining
  • Pre-cast Staining
  • Correcting Dye Lot Issues
  • Correctiing Poor Masonry Repairs
  • Smoke Damage
  • Aging Brick (age new masonry)
  • Complete Building Color Changes
  • Add Decorative Accents
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Masonry Sealing
  • Power Washing

BST Brick Staining Technology Inc. uses a silicate-based masonry stain to darken, lighten or completely change the color of brick, block, stone, concrete and mortar joints.

BST | Brick Staining Technology, Inc

BST Services include:

Custom Masonry Matching  If your project requires a masonry product that no longer exists, we can produce a color match using existing stock.

Correcting Dye Lot Issues   If your new brick or stone has color problems from the manufacturing process, we can stain the units to correct them.

Poor Masonry Repairs   If a repair was completed, we can stain the area to blend it with the original brick or block.

Aging   Staining new masonry to maintain heritage integrity

Color Changes   Completely change the color of the entire structure.

Smoke Damage  Smoke can cause discolorations in masonry. BST can help.

Mortar   Mortar can be stained to resolove matching problems etc.

Adding Decorative   Window accents or architectural accents can be added or removed to new or pre-existing structures. Enhances the look of a structure.

Matching   Matching new brick, block or stone used on an addition to the orginal look.  BST can solve these problems.

Pre-Cast   Color issues can be easily resolved.

Graffti Removal   Return structures back to original look removing unsightly graffiti.

Masonry Sealing   For masonry surfaces including brick, block and stucco.

Power Washing   Available for both commercial and residential.

Whether you are a distributor, manufacturer, architect, or home owner, when quality counts, experience makes all the differance.  You can count on BST's Professional Services, trained, reliable and skilled technicians to make your problem go away.


Perfecting the color of America's Masonry

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